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The Entire World of R
Multimedia Training Course
Deluxe Edition
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The Entire World of R Multimedia Training Course is the ultimate training resource for learning how to evaluate and and treat the /r/ phoneme!  

This self-paced course is for the speech-language pathologist, student or parent. The course contains three hours of self-paced video and multimedia training instruction for treating /r/. The course is presented in different chapter modules so it's easy to start, stop and repeat sections. The information presented closely aligns with The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques

Evaluation protocols including where to start with /r/ remediation are covered in detail. A number of techniques for eliciting the /r/ sound are demonstrated, including coarticulation, whisper, and using prevocalic /r/.  

The real value in this course is in the examples of 20 students and 5 speech-language pathologists doing evaluation and treatment for remediating /r/ articulation disorders. You get to see the different techniques implemented on real students in real settings.

Deluxe version contains a copies of the following: : 

The Entire World of R Screening Form (single page)

The Entire World of R Advanced Screening

The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques.

This course is intended for a single user and allows for installation on two separate computers (home and office). If you are interested in muliple-user licenses at a discounted price, please contact us. 

Windows only.