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Articulation Flip Books Two Set Combo (EDS-009)  Contains: EWS-005 EDS-001
Articulation Flip Books Two Set Combo (EDS-009)
Contains: EWS-005 EDS-001
SKU: EDS-009 Price: $205.58

Save $$.  Get one set for FREE. 

This combination includes 2 sets of Articulation Flip Books, including: 

All the common consonantal sounds that can cause articulation difficulties, including vocalic /r/, frontal and lateral lisps and the early developing sounds.  Here's the complete list of covered sounds: [b, ch, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, th, ts, v, w, z, zh] 

Each book contains three "flip-able" panels that allow students to change one or all three sections of amusing and fun sentence stories. Each panel is divided and color-coded by sound and word position (initial, medial, final) for quick and easy identification.

All sentence stories were carefully drawn and selected to show colorful yet concise concepts for younger children to practice and older students to enjoy.  

Concerned with budgeting?  Making your dollar stretch further

1. Save $ with this combination. 

2. Over 500,000 sentence story combinations are included. You'll never run out of unique practice combinations for your students.

3. Versatility is built in. Besides articulation practice, use the books for expressive and receptive language development. Great for teaching and practicing verb tenses, pronouns, prepositional phrases, syntax, sentence formulation and word retrieval, why/how prediction, Wh- questions, vocabulary development, basic concepts and story telling. Appropriate for working on autism, early intervention, fluency and general education. 

4. Motivating. Your kids will LOVE the books! Flipping the panels and making silly sentences will keep them busy for hours. (Try having them count the number of possible sentences in each books if you don't believe that.)

The set contains a complete library of articulation practice material. Seventeen, yes one-seven (17) flip books and a 2 convenient carry-bags are included. This is a great resource for any clinician working with young students. Each book is also available for individual purchase. Ages 3 and up.

Here's a sample of [t] initial to demonstrate how the flip books work.  Imagine the possibilities.