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S&Z Holiday Bundle
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Bringing S & Z Home

By Jo Ann Gordon, CCC-SLP

Tired of making progress with frontal and lateral lisp disorders (S & Z sounds) only to see gains disappear over school breaks? 

Bringing S & Z Home is perfect for providing in class exercises, but is especially appropriate for school breaks and homework. Includes exercises on:

  • T and "TS"

  • Initial, medial and final /s/

  • Initial and final /s/ blends (such as /sl, sn, sn, sks, sps/ combinations)

  • S Carryover

  • Initial, medial and final /z/

  • Z Carryover

Also included are three different progress charts, a letter to the parents, and a section of at-home activities with bonus worksheets.

Save time with over 175 pages of exercises, worksheets and homework activities. Packed with lots of practice words. Activities are categorized for both younger and older children. Complements The Entire World of S & Z™ Instructional Workbook. Ages: 5+.

Created by a practicing speech-language pathologist with over 30 year experience working with school aged children.    

The Entire World of S & Z Curriculum Book

Treat lisp (/s/ & /z/) articulation errors while achieving academic goals simultaneously!

Age appropriate activities for /s/ and /z/ in an easy-to-use, age-appropriate format that is aligned to state academic curriculum standards. Complements The Entire World of R Curriculum Book. Backed by exhaustive research, the proven techniques and methodologies presented are the foundation for any evidence-based practice.

Top features include:

• Organized by word position (initial, medial, final, and mixed) for both /s/ and /z/
• Includes /s/ blend activities
• Aligned to state academic curriculum standards
• Age-appropriate sections with activities for younger and older students
• Easy download and print capability included
• Loads of activities to keep your students engaged
and motivated

Activities for younger students (grades 1-3) focuses on these academic standards:

• Isolate beginning, middle and ending sounds in words
• Identify onset and rhyme
• Use alphabetical order
• Read compound words
• Respond to literal, inferential and evaluative questions to solve a problem

Features that appeal to younger students, including cute illustrations, child-friendly fonts (mimics handwriting), and handwriting guides for answers are incorporated.

The activities for older students focus on more advanced skills and are formatted to appeal to an older age-group. Skills and academic standards addressed include:

• Correct capitalization (Initial word in a sentence, proper nouns, days of the week, etc.)
• Appropriate end punctuation of sentences
• Writing in complete sentences
• Recognizing and using correct word order in written sentences
• Antonyms
• Synonyms
• Homonyms
• Distinguishing fact from fiction
• Classify grade-appropriate categories of words

Includes data collection form, certificate and motivational reproducibles.

Download and print capability is included for fast access and printing of the activities.

Ages 5 and up.

128 Pages.

he Entire World of S & Z Idioms

Are you at wit’s end with practicing /s & z/? Don’t call it quits. Kill two birds with one stone by practicing /s & z/ AND learning common idioms at the same time.

Over 200 idioms, each containing a /s/ or /z/ sound for practicing frontal and lateral lisps, is found in this single volume practice book.

Complements The Entire World of S & Z™ lisp remediation strategy. It includes sections for /ts/; initial, medial, final, and recurrent /s/; initial, medial, final, and recurrent /z/; initial /s/ blends; final /s/ blends; voiced and unvoiced plurals; and mixed words.

Each section includes exercises for Idiom Definitions, True/False, Matching, Alphabetize and Fill-In. All exercises will test idiom comprehension and practice /s/ or /z/ articulation. All activities can be used singularly for learning idioms or for practicing /s/ or /z/.

Designed for middle-school, high-school and ESL students, it is age-appropriate for students eight and up.

226 Pages. Ages 8 to adult.

Key features:

  • Combination idiom and /s & z/ articulation practice.

  • Designed for middle-school and high-school students.

  • Available immediately. Download and print.

  • Print out for at-school or at-home use.

  • Appropriate for ESL practice.

  • Can be used for learning idioms, /s & z/ articulation or both.