Having trouble customizing your Vocalic R or Prevocalic R Treatment Plan?

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Package Advantages

Helps You Get Started With /R/ Treatment

Review Screening


We will help you get your student started. You will conduct a screening using The Entire World of R™ Advanced Screening and send an audio file to us for review.

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Customized Options - Training


Say it Right will use the protocol found in The Entire World of R™ Book of Elicitation Techniques to provide customized options.

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Goals and Practice Objectives


After using the evaluation tools we will provide you a written list sent by email with goals and objectives so you can save time and start the program.

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Package Advantages: Who Benefits?

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs)

SLPs with limited experience working with /r/ articulation disordered children or SLPs having difficulty making progress.

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Parents that desire more information on treating “r” sound problems for their children.

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ESL Instructors or ESL Speakers

ESL instructors needing precise instruction on correcting /r/ production difficulties in their students or ESL speakers who want to improve /R/ sound.

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Package Advantages:
Support and Specials

  • 30 Minutes of Phone Support

    We will discuss any issues you have with our recommendations or program for up to 30 minutes any time during your membership period.

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  • Email Support

    Email support (1 email per quarter) will also be provided to help answer any specific questions you have.

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  • Support Package Specials on Recommended Materials

    Monthly Discount on recommended materials.

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