Where to Start | Who Benefits | Support and Specials


We will help you figure out where to start /r/ treatment.

First, we will Review the Screening

Once you sign up you will receive The Entire World of R™ Advanced Screening. Next record an audio file of the student using the screening and send it to us by email. We will listen, evaluate and interpret the screening.

Next, we will provide Customized Target Options

Say it Right will use the protocol found in The Entire World of R™ Book of Elicitation Techniques to provide customized options. We will recommend the intervention target so that you can correctly and effectively teach your student.

Then create Goals and Practice Objectives

After using the evaluation tools we will send you a written list by email with target recommendations that includes sample practice probe words appropriate for the selected target so you can save time and start the program.

Who Benefits

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), Parents and ESL Instructors all benefit!

  • SLPs with limited experience working with /r/ articulation disordered children or SLPs having difficulty making progress.
  • Parents that desire a screening (professional evaluation) to practice with their children.
  • English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) instructors needing precise instruction on correcting /r/ production difficulties in their students.
  • English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) speakers who want to improve their /R/ sound for English.


We will provide on-going support and specials as you are doing the program:

  • If you have questions about what material is best, we will recommend suggested therapy materials to obtain success for the selected target.
  • 30 minutes of phone support will be available.
  • We will also answer 1 email per quarter during your evaluation period to answer specific questions.
  • And there will be Evaluation Support Package Specials on recommended material every month!