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Frustrated with treating /r/ disorders? I've spent 16 years speaking about /r/ disorders and have asked hundreds of therapists what issues are the most frustrating while working with students with /r/ issues. This course offers a new and refreshing approach to treat the most difficult of sounds based on the answers the speech pathologists have given me. Backed with extensive research and field testing, a complete phonemic approach to evaluating and treating /r/ is presented based on the 32 different types of /r/.


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Learning Outcomes

  • 1. Participants will be able to list the 32 /r/ allophones.
  • 2. Participants will be able to list the 4 categories of /r/.
  • 3. Participants will be able to describe the 2 tongue
    placements for /r/ and how to elicit them.
  • 4. Participants will be able to describe how to use effective /r/ evaluation procedures to determine therapy targets.
  • 5. Participants will be able to explain how to create an individualized treatment plan for each student.
  • 6. Participants will be able to describe how to achieve carryover for correct /r/ production.
  • 7. Participants will be name 4 auditory and 4 visual characteristics when listening to an informal screening of the 32 /r/ sounds.
  • 8. Participants will name 5 things that are helpful to do when working with /r/ students and 5 things that are not recommended during /r assessment and intervention.
  • 9. Participants will list three characteristics of a student who is not making progress with /r/ intervention practices.

CEU Approved!

Say It Right is an ASHA CE Provider!

We should have the R Makeover Course approved for the April 2017 course.


The course will be worth .55 CEU's and cost $249.99 - the Single Word Screening and The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques (download version) will be included with that price.  If you do not need the materials then the course will cost $199.99.


If you have taken the course previously we will offer the option to receive .55 CEU's for the course once it is approved.  The CEU option will be an extra $100 ($150 for the participants who took the November 4 module course) and require passing a quiz and filling out a feedback form.


The course will be a self-study course and all materials will be available to you for 1 year.

Learn and solve the 10 missing links of /r/ using my ten step process.

  • In this program, I'll show you how to work with the 32 /r/ allophones of /r/ and use student's strengths so that the student makes progress and learns the tools for placement, carryover and production practice.
  • You'll learn how to find a correct production of /r/ so that that you'll NEVER have to question your clinical skills or have students who make no progress "lifers".
  • And more importantly, I'll tell you exactly what mistakes to AVOID at all costs...mistakes that can cause a student to actually regress or learn bad habits in the intervention process.

Ten key benefits for taking the /r/ Makeover Course:

Missing Link 1

Do you feel adequately trained to work with /r/?
This course will provide extensive tips and strategies for working with the 32 /r/ allophones.

Missing Link 2

Do you feel like /r/ is difficult?
This course will provide proven research based strategies for placement, vocalic /r/ and carryover evaluation and treatment strategies.

Missing Link 3

Do you have a comprehensive assessment about the 32 /r/ allophones?
This course will teach you how to evaluate the 32 /r/ allophones to find a successful /r/ production.

Missing Link 4

Do you have difficulty choosing a student target?
This course will teach you how to utilize  evaluation and/ or screening results and choose a target that is customized for your student.

Missing Link 5

Do you have lack of success with placement?
This course will teach you how to use student's natural tongue position to avoid bad habits and frustration.

Missing Link 6

Lack of phonetically consisted production practice lists?
This course will provide phonetically consistent production probe lists which correspond to the chosen target that will strengthen auditory, visual and kinesthetic awareness and skills.

Missing Link 7

Lack of strategy for chronic /r/ student?
This course will teach you how to solve the 10 missing links for lack of strategy to correct old patterns and set students on a successful path to master the /r/ sound.

Missing Link 8

Are you sending home customized homework with your /r/ students?
This course will teach you how to find student's correct productions and help them reinforce good speech habits.

Missing Link 9

Lack of generalization and carryover in conversational speech?
This course will teach you the process that is required for carryover into the classroom setting and every day conversations.

Missing Link 10

Do your students graduate within 15-20 hours of intervention?
According to ASHA guidelines timely graduation for students with articulation disorders is typically 15-20 hours. Using this course and learning the phonetically approach to /r/ will help you achieve the skills to come close to this recommended guideline.


In Conclusion:

This course offers a 10 step process for phonetically working with /r/ using a traditional articulation therapy model (re: Van Riper). It is also based on my personal research where I spent 16 years speaking about /r/ disorders and asking hundreds of therapists what issues are the most frustrating while working with students with /r/ issues.


R Makeover Course Disclosures

During the course I plan to use the The Entire World of R Advanced Screening to fully explain my 10 step process.

Also, The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques (download version) will be used and is included in price.

Full Disclosure: I want to make it clear that I am the owner of Say It Right and author of all of The Entire World of R products.

R Makeover Course Details

  • Facebook Group Support (or support forum) to post comments, feedback and course questions.
  • Facebook specials on SayItRight materials which will save you money!
  • Weekly Facebook Postings and Advice from Christine Ristuccia to provide free and new ideas to support you in working with students.
  • Includes:
    • Single Word Screening - Download to assist you in finding the correct production of /r/ and finding student's strengths.
    • Video Presentation of intervention techniques to provide visual support of /r/ techniques and tricks.
    • Downloadable Power Point presentations to allow for note taking.
    • And so much more!
  • 7 Modules.
  • Access to modules for 12 months.
  • Total is $249.99.
  • Discount of 10% for 49 or more participants.
  • Refund Policy

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