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Say it Right™offers a comprehensive selection of physical books and products, e-books/downloadable products and American Speech and Hearing (ASHA) approved continuing education unit (CEU) courses. Our mission is to provide effective solutions to assist speech-language pathologists (SLPs), teachers, special educators, and English-as-a-Second-Language instructors overcome speech and language-learning challenges with their students, while having fun!


New and Popular Products:

R Makeover course Christine Picture Vocalic R Makeover Course Bundle Price: $150.97

Frustrated with treating /r/ disorders? I've spent 16 years speaking about /r/ disorders and have asked hundreds of therapists what issues are the most frustrating while working with students with /r/ issues. This course offers a new and refreshing approach to treat the most difficult of sounds based on the answers the speech pathologists have given me. Backed with extensive research and field testing, a complete phonemic approach to evaluating and treating /r/ is presented based on the 32 different types of /r/. The course will be worth .55 ASHA CEU's. Purchase of this course bundle does include products. The Entire World of R Single Word Screening download is included in this course. The Entire World of R Advanced Screening and Book of Elicitation Techniques are included in this course and will be shipped to you. shipping and handling fees are included in this price. This course content is offered on a separate website: Bonus: Facebook R Makeover Support Group so you can post questions and see posts from Christine and other SLP's dealing with /r/ articulation disorders.  This link will take you to the purchase area for this course. PURCHASE HERE

Christine Picture.chronic r course Chronic R Course Price: $49.99

This "stand alone" course specifically focuses on chronic /r/ students who have been in speech therapy for /r/ intervention for a year or more. There is a ten step process that is used to navigate these students in a new therapeutic direction. The Chronic /r/ Course is also included in the R Makeover Course.. These ten steps will be given in detail in this course. The Chronic /r/ Course is also included in the R Makeover Course. The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques. Entire World of R Advanced Screening and Entire World of R Single Word Screening can all be purchased separately. This course is offered on a separate website. Please access the course with this link: Purchase Here

EWR-085-thumb.png R Carry Over Program
Contains: EWR-036 EWR-034 EWR-056 EDS-021 EWR-057
SKU: EWR-085 Price: $184.95
Save $25! Combination of the Entire World of R Curriculum Book, Artic Attack and Other R Games, Big Book of R Carry-Over Stories, Solve then Say R, and Weave a Sound Word Web.
EWR-200-thumb.jpg R Program for older kids (3rd grade to adult)
Contains: EWR-002-1 EWR-002-2 EWR-055 EWR-034 EWR-038
SKU: EWR-200 Price: $178.95
This is an ideal kit for kids 3rd grade and older. The activities are designed to practice the /r/ sound with age appropriate activities such as trivia, idiomatic expression, and r probe lists.
The Entire World of R Instructional Workbook SKU: EWR-030 Price: $48.99
Quickly and easliy treat all 21 types of /r/. Divided by vocalic phoneme and by initial, medial and final word positions. Twenty-one sections of worksheets and homework sheets for each vocalic /r/.
The Entire World of R
Book of Elicitation Techniques
SKU: EWR-035 Price: $51.99

The WOW book for /r/ remediation. Tons of vocalic /r/ tips and techniques. Includes oral movement, coarticulation, whisper techniques and much more.

The Entire World of R Book of Stories SKU: EWR-032 Price: $43.99
Sixty-three pure /r/ practice stories. Only the target phoneme and word position appear in the story.
The Entire World of R
Advanced Screening
SKU: EWR-037 Price: $49.99
The Advanced Screening for /r/ is the most comprehensive and advanced screening for vocalic /r/, initial /r/ blends, prevocalic /r/ and medial and final /rl/ created to date. This screening provides you with knowing exactly which of the 32 /r/ allophones -(vocalic, initial /r/ blends, prevocalic (initial) and /rl/) that your student can produce thus finding their student strengths and the "correctly produced" word for each /r/ allophone so that you can find the most complimentary /r/ target to practice. Includes forms for easy assessment of /r/ articulation disorders. Comes with pad of 30 (11x17") forms, student copies, results forms and Elicitation Probe for all consonantal-vocalic combinations.
The Entire World of R
Premium Pack
Contains: EWR-010 EWR-029 EWR-035 EWR-037
SKU: EWR-073 Price: $173.57
Get our most popular and newest items in one money-saving package! Savings of 20 percent. Includes The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques-currently on back order until 7-15-18, The Entire World of R Advanced Screening, The Entire World of R 8 Deck Playing Card Set-the card decks are currently on back order until 8-31-18 and The Conquest of R.
The Entire World of R Program
Contains: EWR-001 EWR-010 EWR-029 EWR-030 EWR-035 EWR-037 EWR-038 EWR-080
SKU: EWR-074 Price: $352.68
This is the complete collection of our most popular vocalic R resources. The Entire World of R Program includes everything you need to screen, evaluate, elicit, remediate, and maintain the difficult /r/ phoneme. Get it all together in one money-saving combination. Save over $60.00.