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Deep R Probe SKU: VLC-R-004 Price: $39.95 |


An on screen R-Probe for Prevocalic and Vocalic R

Never has an R Probe been easier or more efficient. Administer on the computer at the onset of speech therapy for R and at intervals throughout training. The computer will store and print results for each student that allows you to clearly monitor student progress and determine the next step in therapy. Recommended for use with Let’s Learn R and the Recording Studio for R software; but also applicable to any R treatment program that focuses on prevocalic and vocalic R.

- Presents 80 pictures of words grouped into 10 variations of R

- Allows SLPs to discreetly score students responses

- Saves data for an unlimited amount of students that can be viewed and printed

- Keeps track of each student’s progress over multiple administrations

Includes all 31 Practice Printout sheets from the Let’s Learn R program. These can be used for stimulability testing, drill work, therapy activities, home practice and more. 

WIN 98 up to Win 7 MAC OS X