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Language Disorders and Delays - Elementary

Language disorders (and delays) for elementary school children (ages 6-14) involve the receptive and expressive language abilities. Language disorders may be diagnosed as aphasia, fluency, apraxia, grammar (semantics, syntax), idioms, and pragmatics.

Receptive language disorders comprise a child's difficulty understanding and processing information. 

Expressive language disorders are demonstrated in a child's speech and can include difficulty with word formulation, limited vocabulary, inability to use proper language, or use of socially inappropriate language. 

Language Disorders and Delays - Elementary - Products:

ABC-001-Thumb.jpg Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids SKU: ABC-001 Price: $33.99
ABC Yoga Cards for Kids. Learn with Yoga! Twenty six easy to follow yoga poses with companion pre-literacy and language development questions. Separate instructor cards makes teaches yoga easy and learning fun. Contains 52 Cards total.
EWS-05_thumb.jpg Flip Then Say
Articulation Flip Books
SKU: EWS-005 Price: $88.99
Make articulation therapy fun! This four book set contains over 200,000 sentence stories for popular sounds S and Z, SH and CH (ZH and J), TH, F and V, K and G. Each book has 3 flip-able panels that change to provide endless targeted productions. Teaching articulation has never been easier.
The Entire World of WH?
Questions Activity Set
SKU: EWWH-001 Price: $43.99
Teach basic WH questions and concepts (who, what, where and when) with this multi-modality teaching tool. Master WH questions!
EWA-002-Categories-thumb.jpg The Entire World of Categories SKU: EWA-003 Price: $39.99
The Entire World of Categories: Aids in teaching the concept and cognitive process of categorizing and determining attributes.
SC-002-thumb.jpg DOT Language SKU: SC-002 Price: $37.95
Let your students “dot” and “daub” their way to language success with DOT Language. This 148 page reproducible workbook contains interactive activity pages targeting categories, synonyms/antonyms, definitions/descriptions, similarities/differences, and answering questions.
Graphic Expression
Activity Workbook
SKU: CVS-002 Price: $19.95 On Sale! $9.98
Fun filled activity book for developing written expressive language. Great for ages 3rd grade and up.
Posters, Calendars and Certificates SKU: SR-PCC-100 Price: $9.99
CR-ROM filled with common instructor needed materials.
The Entire World of R Flip Books SKU: EWR-080 Price: $88.99
Articulation remediation for vocalic /r/. Over 5,000 sentence stories in each of the eight (8) flip book set. All 21 types of vocalic /r/ are included by phoneme and word position. Includes /r/ blends and recurrent /r/.
The Entire World of Attributes SKU: EWA-001 Price: $34.99
Terrific resource for teaching and learing attributes. Comes with 16 cue cards and 2 games.
EWS-002thumb.jpg The Entire World of
S and Z Book of Stories
SKU: EWS-002 Price: $38.99
Over 50 stories for s and z divided by initial, medial and final word positions.
EWS-002thumb.jpg The Entire World of S and Z Book of Stories (Digital Download) SKU: EWS-002D Price: $34.99
Over 50 stories for s and z divided by initial, medial and final word positions.
The Entire World of
S and Z Flip Book
SKU: EWS-006 Price: $25.00
Treat frontal and lateral lisps (S & Z sounds) with this fun, easy to use flip book from the Flip and Say Articulation Series. Move panels to create over 68,000 possible sentence stories!
The Entire World of
SH and CH Flip Book
SKU: EWS-007 Price: $25.00
Articulation practice for SH and CH, as well as J and ZH sounds. Use the flip book for fun and easy affricate and fricative treatment therapy.
The Entire World of
K and G Flip Book
SKU: EWS-008 Price: $25.00
K and G Flip Book. Fun and easy to use therapy for early developing sounds.
The Entire World of
TH, F and V Flip Book
SKU: EWS-009 Price: $25.00
Articulation flip book to practice TH, F and V with this fun, easy to use flip book.
The Entire World of R
Say & Sequence
Playing Card System
SKU: EWR-062 Price: $53.99
Playing cards for vocalic /r/. Six decks of 27 paired cards for each of the vocalic /r/ sounds: AR, AIR, EAR, ER, IRE, and OR. Includes a bonus Bridge Deck of 54 common connecting words such as verbs, pronouns and adjectives to make phrases, sentences and stories. Great for R-therapy as well as language practice.
EDS-009-thumb.jpg Articulation Flip Books Three Set Combo SKU: EDS-009 Price: $195.98
Get all 3 sets of articulation flip books: The Entire World of R, Flip and Say and Early Developing Sounds. Every consonantal sound for a special price of $187.98. Save $79.98 -- You get one set for FREE!
SC-004-thumb.jpg DOT Reading Comprehension SKU: SC-004 Price: $37.95
DOT Reading Comprehension contains reproducible interactive theme based game sheets written at three separate difficulty levels. Comprehension tasks require students to match, answer factual questions, give the main idea, retell, paraphrase, define, describe, rhyme, give antonyms/synonyms, categorize, make predictions, give opinions, evaluate, and more
The Entire World of S & Z Idioms SKU: EWS-012 Price: $24.99
S&Z articulation and idiom practice in one volume. Great for middle school, high school and ESL.
The Entire World of
Celebrations and Seasons
Activity Book (Digital Download)
SKU: EWC-001D Price: $24.99 On Sale! $19.99
Teach the changing holidays and seasonal events of the year with this full-filled activity book. Provides at least 6 different activities for each of the 24 major celebrations covered. Digital Download only.
EWA-003D-thumb.jpg The Entire World of Categories (Digitial Download) SKU: EWA-003D Price: $39.99
The Entire World of Categories: Aids in teaching the concept and cognitive process of categorizing and determining attributes. Digital Download.
SC-003-thumb.jpg DOT Therapy Reinforcers SKU: SC-003 Price: $37.95
DOT Therapy Reinforcers is a reproducible therapy resource that allows targeting of any therapy. Keeps students engaged in the activity through interactive play.
EDS-010-thumb.jpg The Entire World of Early Developing Sounds Instructional Workbook SKU: EDS-010 Price: $39.99
Work on all the early developing sounds, M/N, P/B, T/D, K/G, W/H, and F/V. Loaded with activities for younger children: Screening forms, cutout cards, activities, songs, finger plays, and crafts.
EWL-004DThumb.jpg The Entire World of L Idioms
(Digitial Download)
SKU: EWL-004D Price: $24.99
Articulation and language practice for the L phoneme. 64 pages. Designed for ages 8+. Great for ESL practice. Digital Download Only.
ABC-002-thumb.jpg Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Classroom Border SKU: ABC-002 Price: $19.99
Learn wtih yoga. Decorate your room with large format 8 inch border showing 26 different yoga poses in alphabetical order. Package contains 2 complete alphabets--26 feet total. Complement to the ABC Yoga Cards for Kids.
The Entire World of WH? Questions Flip Book SKU: EWWH-002 Price: $14.99
The popular flip book from the WH? Questions Activity Set. Contains 9 scenes with 4 panels for who, what, where and when objects. Change the story and contexts to teach WH- questions concepts. Over 700 sentence stories!
ABC-Virtues-Thumb.jpg Learn With Yoga ABC Virtues SKU: ABC-004 Price: $14.99
Learn With Yoga and make the alphabet come alive. All 26 letters of the alphabet are represented through different yoga poses with an associated poem discussing positive virutes.
The-Basic-Manual-for-Speech.jpg The Basic Manual For Speech & Language SKU: BMS-001 Price: $39.99
The "all-in-one" resource for speech and language. This book is the single book any speech-language patholgist needs as a basic reference tool with easy-to-use worksheets for articulation (all sounds in initial medial and final word positions and minimal pairs) and language activities (synonyms, multiple meaning works, Wh- questions, sequencing and much more).
ABC-Coloring-Book-thumb.jpg Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Coloring Book SKU: ABC-006 Price: $9.99 On Sale! $4.99

The companion coloring book to the Learn With Yoga series. Contains a coloring page with yoga pose for each letter of the alphabet. Helps children learn their ABCs and yoga poses. Bonus pages included.

ABC-Yoga-Instr-Guide-thumb.jpg Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids Instructor Guide SKU: ABC-003 Price: $18.99
The companion instructor guide to the Learn With Yoga: ABC Yoga Cards for Kids. Contains all you need to know to incorporate yogic techniques into your school, classroom, yoga room or home. No experience with yoga is necessary.