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Here's what people are saying about Say It Right products:

Christi Westbrook, speech –language pathologist

We love your products!  It is so nice to have a screening tool to identify the specific variations of Vocalic /r/.

Carla H. Pruitt-Joyful speech, speech –language pathologist

The Entire World of R offers the SLP remediation of “R” for any client.  The screening tools helps know where to start and the hierarchy of product allows you to move the student all the way through the program and out the door!  Yay! 

Kay Hensley, speech –language pathologist

Love your Products!  My students have experienced great success! 

Holly Nover, M.A. CCC-SLP, speech –language pathologist

I love Say It right products.  They are all inclusive and have everything you need in one book.

Rebecca Lavelle, speech –language pathologist

I love your Entire World of R series! 

I use World of /r/ products all the time with middle school students.  I love them! 

Sarah Donai’s and Corie Prete graduate school research project-graduate May 2013

We completed a report about how to treat articulation error of /r/.  Resources were few and far between, so we were thrilled to find such well-written, comprehensive treatment program in the Say It Right series-the Entire World of R. 

 Natalie Carpenter, speech –language pathologist

The /r/ cards work wonders for everything.  I don’t use anything else! 

LeAnn Harding, Ms. CCC-SLP  speech –language pathologist  sumter School District, Sumpter, SC

I love the Entire world of R Advanced Screening.  It is the most thorough assessment of /r/ blends, vocalic /r/ and prevocalic /r/ that I have ever found.  The EWR Book of Elicitation Techniques are extremely helpful! 

The /r/ cards and games are not cutesy.  They are at an advanced level and age appropriate for students who are working on targeted /r/ goals. 

Wayne Secord, Ph.D

Research Associate

Senior Research Scientist

 I like your products, they are very well thought out, and give the clinician tremendous leverage in the treatment of one of the most challenging sounds.  Everything from eliciting techniques, to daily practice and effective treatment strategies.  Say it right really has it all.  WS

Betty Hensley, Matthews, NC.  speech –language pathologist

I was always the joke at my school do not give the /r/ student to Betty.  I don’t do /r/’s.  Now, I challenge anyone to take an er child from me!  Being able to pinpoint where the diffciutly with /r/ is makes /r/ intervention so much easier.  To have materials for those areas is such a plus!  You, too, can stop shying away from the dreaded /r/ case1 

Elizabeth Vernardo, speech –language pathologist

Remediation of /r/ is not impossible!  As an SLP in the middle schools, I have great success using the vocalic /r/ approach.  The rule in therapy is that no one goes to high school still participating in therapy.  Work hard, work specific, get out! 

/s/ and /z/ series

Susan Hutaff, Charlotte, NC

The Entire World of /s/ and /z/ Idions is a creative way to help students with social communication.  Skill deficits improve with pragmatic language while simultaneously targeting the /s/ and /z/ sounds!  

"I really enjoy using the materials from your company. I have had immediate success with my 12 and 13 year old /r/ students who were on the verge of giving up, until we started using The Entire World of R! I have seen very exciting and immediate progress." -- Lisa Voge, SLP

"The materials that I've bought from you have worked so well for the kids. It helps to make an otherwise boring and tedious task of articulation therapy a whole lot more fun! Thanks again-you are an excellent company to do business with." -- Debbie Saltzman


"I have had at least six students on my caseload complete the /ar/ and prevocalic /r/ sections of the Entire World of R and then the rest of the /R/ positions have self corrected. This is the best program I have ever used and I am having fun working with /R/ again." -- Marcy Mirmelstein, SLP

"I LOVE The Entire World of R! It's a great product with great ideas. I really learned a lot about /r/." -- Erlene Little, SLP

"Thanks for creating the screener tool - I've already used it several times and it really helps me get at what we need to target, as well as helping parents understand why /r/ is so hard." -- Amelie Delzer, SLP

"I'm enjoying using the Entire World of R book with my students. I'm a Speech Pathologist in a rural school district and will be placing orders soon for our next school year. Thanks!" -- S. Jedlicka, SLP


"I like all of your products. I work in a school setting with preschool aged children up to 8th grade. I have a lot of students who need help with the vowel + r combinations and use your workbooks, cards and games with them. Your products are fun to use and help tremendously." -- Marybeth Shearron, SLP

"Love your products and have been very happy so far with the "s", "r," and attributes things I've used."--Judy Hale, SLP

"You are fantastic! As a school-based SLP with over 25 years experience, I am very impressed." -- Mary Jo Chretien, SLP


"I have successfully used all your books for s,z, sh, ch, and r. These resources are great and the success my clients have had is wonderful...I have been sharing your products with my co-workers who have never heard from you. Can't believe that but I know they too will be looking your way as your products sell themselves." -- Paula Smieja, SLP

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great seminar at Hilton Head!! I gained so much knowledge! I now know why when I "thought" I had helped the child fix /r/ and then heard something funny... I bought your /r/ screener and it has given me a new perspective of the /r/ phoneme and ALL of its aspects! Thanks." -- Danielle Culick, SLP-CCC


"I have been meaning to send you a note and tell you how valuable your programs have become to me and my co-worker. I had been using the 'r' program with one child, but after seeing the advanced screening, I bought it and gave it to him. I had bought the package so I also got the handbook that goes along with the test. What an eye opener. I had been so frustrated because here he is in fifth grade and I felt that we had made no progress. After giving him the screening, we both were amazed. I gave it to several of my other difficult "r" students and had the same results. I also read every page of the accompanying handbook and so many of my thoughts about "r" were right there. I also learned so much more. I am also using the "s&z" program and the "sh&ch" program and feel the same way. I have used SATPAC for several years now and its concept is very similar but doesn't delve as far." -- Marlene Zapp, SLP

"I just wanted to let you know that we have ordered some more materials and are delighted with them. I have never felt so confident reporting on my progress reports for this quarter." -- Marlene Zapp, SLP

"I first discovered your Entire World of R products last year and have been using them ever since! My students love the materials and we are seeing great progress with their /r/ skills!" -- Lindsey Worth, SLP

"I have already put some of these techniques into practice and have seen results almost immediately. I am so happy I attended this training." -- Texas Region XI SLP, training course attendee

"I thoroughly enjoyed this conference! I have already begun using the strategies and screenings with my students and am excited to see their progress. Thank you! -- Texas Region XI SLP, training course attendee


"I am excited to begin using this complete program. I had bits and pieces before, but it all came together at the workshop." -- Texas Region XI SLP, training course attendee

"We have found the program (The Entire World of R) to be extremely useful!" -- Carolyn W. Byrd, M.S., CCC-SLP Clinical Supervisor, University of South Alabama

"I want you to know I love your products, and all the /r/ resources have really helped me as a new clinician. I don't know why, but in graduate school we never were taught strategies to remediate speech errors, especially /r/. Now I feel I have the tools. Thanks." -- Jes Herrera, SLP


"Wow I went to a information session on your 'Entire world of r' with a SLP from our region and it was amazing! ...What a different and awesome perspective to teaching these challenging sounds!!! --Jena Day, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, Three Hills Health Centre, Alberta, Canada

"I'm a speech-language pathologist in private practice and I see a lot of kids with artic impairments, especially, the dreaded 'r'. But I want to tell you I have used your program exclusively for my "r" clients -- with phenomenal results. . . To me, The Entire World of R is the only way to treat 'r' problems. Thanks for a great product." -- Georgine Meagher M.S., CCC-SLP


"My students and I LOVE your products!!! I have quite a few of them and will continue to add to my collection." -- Karen D., SLP

"I LOVE your program. Awesome! I will be recommending it to my fellow SLP's. Thanks!" -- Renée (SLP)

"I love your products, especially the programs that I purchased that have downloads enabling me to print the worksheets right from my computer in my speech therapy room." -- Myrna Comerchero, SLP

"I saw you at ASHA in Boston a couple of years ago, and have since purchased and implemented your “R” program and have seen AMAZING results with my students! Your presentation was one of the best presentations I have ever been a part of, simply because you gave techniques that I could immediately use…and they WORK!" -- Stephanie Hixon, SLP


"I'm Amazed! - I heard you speak on R back in March at the Kentucky state Speech-Language conference. I picked up the screening tool then, and have since ordered the instructional workbook and the book of stories. I have always been especially interested in helping kids with R's, but I have never seen children be as successful as I have seen them be with your materials. I am definitely a believer! A 7th grader just left my class and he is excited about his own progress. That's something I've never seen before from a speech student his age. I am so thankful for your research and products in this area!" -- Jenni Wimberley, school-based SLP

"I'm very impressed with The Entire World of Categories. We need more strategy based therapy materials like this that can be used with students at various levels of ability to give students skills that they can generalize to the classroom and to everyday communication needs. Thanks for this thoughtful and thorough resource." -- Ellen Richter, Middle and Elementary School SLP

"We couldn't work without you! I am a clinic supervisor in the graduate department of the University of Utah Communication Sciences and Disorders Dept. and I instruct my students in the use The Entire World of R pretty much to the exclusion of other programs. We needed more materials and duplicate manuals to fill the need. Thank you for producing excellent products. " -- Mark Cantor

"I just received your ABC Learn With Yoga cards and love them! I am a speech language pathologist and yogi:) THANK YOU!" -- Jacque H.