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Getting Started with The Entire World of R (Vocalic R)

The Entire World of R™ is a proven, research-based program to evaluate and treat the difficult /r/ phoneme.

The program includes a complete suite of products designed to meet your specific /r/ remediation needs.

Getting Started:

Learning any skill has three main steps, and there are various practice procedures or milestones which help to achieve mastery, or in the case of articulation intervention, carryover of the acquired sound into conversational speech.

  1. The first step to treating /r/ speech sound disorders is to Evaluate and Screen. The purpose of the screening tools is to find a correct production or key word which helps determine placement of the tongue, lips and jaw.

  2. The second step is to Learn and Train. This will allow you to remediate /r/ articulation disorders. Once the correct keyword is established, proper placement can be reinforced using our training products.

  3. The third step is to Practice the 32 allophones (sounds of /r/). We have many products to assist you in practicing.

Step 1: Screening Products

The Entire World of R
Advanced Screening
SKU: EWR-037 Price: $43.99
The Advanced Screening for /r/ is the most comprehensive and advanced screening for vocalic /r/ ever created. Know exactly which vocalic /r/'s (r-controlled vowel) and in which context your students are having difficulty. Complements the protocols from The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques. Comes with pad of 30 (11x17") forms, student copies, results forms and Elicitation Probe for all consonantal-vocalic combinations. Screening all 32 different /r/'s --vocalic, blends, prevocalic (initial) and /rl/. Includes lots of forms for easy assessment of /r/ articulation disorders.
christine-ristuccia Evaluation Support Package for /r/ SKU: ESP-001 Price: $149.99
Having trouble making progress with /r/? Don't know where to start? Looking for an expert opinion on treating /r/? Is vocalic /r/ giving you trouble? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Evaluation Support Package could be right for you.
The Entire World of R Single Word Screening Form (Digital Download) SKU: SF-000D Price: $19.99
Download the original 21 word one-page screening form. Quickly and easily evaluate all 21 types of /r/. Divided by vocalic phoneme and by initial, medial,and final word positions. This is a Digital Download only. Easy print from your computer.
EWR-037R-thumb.jpg The Entire World of R
Advanced Screening Pad
SKU: EWR-037R Price: $24.99
Replacement screening pad for The Entire World of R Advanced Screeing. Pad of 30 11" x 17" double-sided forms. Includes all 32 types of r including vocalic r and r blends.
The Entire World of R Single Word Screening Kit SKU: EWR-001 Price: $19.99
Quickly and easliy evaluate all 21 types of /r/. Divided by vocalic phoneme and by initial, medial and final word positions.
compre-r-screening-small.png Comprehensive R Screening (Digital Download) SKU: ST-004D Price: $23.99
This screening form is the ultimate /r/ screening in digital format. The goal is to assess 32 /r/ allophones until you find a correct production and to measure /r/ productions in single words, phrases, sentences, and structured conversation (reading stories). This product differs from the EWR Advanced Screening in the following] ways: No stimulus book, a digital download, contains medial and triple /r/ blend words. There are stories for prevocalic /r/, initial /r/ blends, medial /r/ blends, vocalic /r/ and a carryover story which contains all of the /r/ sounds mixed into one story.