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Language disorders (and delays) for elementary school children (ages 6-14) involve the receptive and expressive language abilities. Language disorders may be diagnosed as aphasia, fluency, apraxia, grammar (semantics, syntax), idioms, and pragmatics.

Receptive language disorders comprise a child's difficulty understanding and processing information. 

Expressive language disorders are demonstrated in a child's speech and can include difficulty with word formulation, limited vocabulary, inability to use proper language, or use of socially inappropriate language. 

The products in this section were either developed or carefully selected by Say It Right to help SLPs treat language disorders.

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The Entire World of
SH and CH Flip Book
Articulation practice for SH and CH, as well as J and ZH sounds. Use the flip book for fun and easy affricate and fricative treatment therapy.

The Entire World of
K and G Flip Book
K and G Flip Book. Fun and easy to use therapy for early developing sounds.

The Entire World of
TH, F and V Flip Book
Articulation flip book to practice TH, F and V with this fun, easy to use flip book.

What an Idiom Learning the meaning of idioms have never been more fun. This game teached idioms and figurative language in an informative and entertaining manner.

School Rules Volume 1 Social skills development through interactive video demonstrations and activities.

School Rules Volume 2 Social skills development through interactive video demonstrations and activities.

Dearly, Nearly, Insincerely Learn adverbs with this colorful and fun-fill book. Kids will want to read and learn using this book! Softcover editiion.

A Lime, a Mime, a Pool of Slime Specific types of nouns--such as abstract nouns and proper nouns--are also introduced in this giggle-a-page expansion on the topic. Complements "A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink." SKU: SR-LP-010


How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear? This accessible, lighthearted look at language introduces homonyms and homophones. Playful rhymes and comical cartoons make both concepts memorable.

Words Are Categorical--7 Book Combo Save money $$. Get the 7 book "Words are Categorical" grammar book set for only $41.99. SKU: SR-LP-011

$48.65 $41.99

Language Builder Flash Cards This 350-card set is the must have for every SLP and special-ed library. Cards are in 9 different categories: animals, vehicles, food, furniture, toys, clothing, everyday objects, shapes, and colors.

The Entire World of R
Say & Sequence
Playing Card System
Playing cards for vocalic /r/. Six decks of 27 paired cards for each of the vocalic /r/ sounds: AR, AIR, EAR, ER, IRE, and OR. Includes a bonus Bridge Deck of 54 common connecting words such as verbs, pronouns and adjectives to make phrases, sentences and stories. Great for R-therapy as well as language practice.

EDS-009-thumb.jpg Articulation Flip Books Three Set Combo Get all 3 sets of articulation flip books: The Entire World of R, Flip and Say and Early Developing Sounds. Every consonantal sound for a special price of $159.99. Save $79.99 -- You get one set for FREE!

Language Builder
Occupations Flash Cards
This 115-card set is the must have for every SLP and special-ed library. Teach 61 different common occupations and careers without gender bias. Each occupations is depicted with both male and female roles. Cards are hi-gloss standard photo sized (3 ˝" x 5").

Whisper Phone - Small Provides auditory feedback for reading and articulation. Hands-free, lightweight, comfortable (adjustable) and easy to use. Small Whisper Phone is designed for K-Grade 4. Kids love to use them. SKU: SIR-020


Pitch and Throw, Grasp and Know Clarifies the concept of synonyms for young readers with playful, lively, and whimsical rhymes and humorous, comical and amusing illustrations.

Stop and Go, Yes and No The concept of antonyms. Their clever (not foolish) rhymes and comical (not serious) illustrations combine to highlight key words.

SC-004-thumb.jpg DOT Reading Comprehension DOT Reading Comprehension contains reproducible interactive theme based game sheets written at three separate difficulty levels. Comprehension tasks require students to match, answer factual questions, give the main idea, retell, paraphrase, define, describe, rhyme, give antonyms/synonyms, categorize, make predictions, give opinions, evaluate, and more SKU: SC-004


The Entire World of Celebrations and Seasons
Activity Book
Teach the changing holidays and seasonal events of the year with this full-filled activity book. Divided by seasons. Activities for younger and older children.

What an Idiom with CD A Fun way to learn the nuances of figurative language of American English. Comes with CD-ROM with printalble cards.

The Entire World of S & Z Idioms S&Z articulation and idiom practice in one volume. Great for middle school, high school and ESL.

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