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School Rules Volume 2 SKU: SSB-006 Price: $89.99
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School Rules Volume 2 teaches social interpretation skills during unstructured times where social rules are most challenging. This CD uses scenarios such as getting lunch, waiting in line, eating, talking to friends, or "just hanging out" to demonstrate social awareness. In addition, this volume also addresses time management, organizational skills and the use of schedules at school. Target Cognitive Ages 8-18. This program is both Macintosh (OSX and above) and IBM PC compatible.

This program is both Macintosh (OSX or above) and IBM PC compatible.

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System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me/XP operating system
Mac OSX or above
200 MHz or higher
600 Megabytes of available Hard Drive Space
4x CD-ROM drive
16 bit color monitor
800/600 Resolution or better Video card compatibility