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The products in this section were either developed or carefully selected by Say It Right to help SLPs treat language disorders.

Artic Master Jr. R SKU: SR-AM-001 Price: $34.95
Articulation software for the R sounds. Create countless combinations of therapy materials focusing on the phoneme /r/. Includes vocalic variation.
Leroy and the Big Bubble SKU: SR-LBB-100 Price: $19.00
This CD tells the story of an adorable mouse named Leroy and provides numerous homework sheets which target a wide variety of goals.
360-Vocabulary Play Scenes SKU: SR-VPS-360 Price: $37.99
Increase vocabulary by through game play and following directions.
Artic Master Jr. CH, SH, TH, ZH and J SKU: SR-AM-004 Price: $34.95
Articulation software for CH, SH, TH, ZH and J sounds.