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What an Idiom is a fun way to learn the nuances of American English. The game cards for What an Idiom! are divided into four decks of 25 cards each. Each deck contains idioms related to a particular part of the body. Players have a enjoyable way of learning that “a hollow leg,” “a leg up,” and “cost and arm and a leg” may sound similar but have totally different meanings.

On one side of each card are pictures illustrating a figurative expression.  The pictures show both the literal meaning of the expression and an example of a situation in which a player might hear the saying.  Four questions about the saying, in order of increasing difficulty, appear on the reverse side of the card.

 What an Idiomcan be fun and educational for anyone wanting to sharpen their skills in figurative language. Play this game at home, in ESL classes, or speech therapy sessions!

Ages 8 to adult.