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Augmentative Communication



The products in this section were either developed or carefully selected by Say It Right to help SLPs treat language disorders.


All 4 Interactive Communication Cards
Contains: GP-21 GP-22 GP-23 GP-24
SKU: GP-101 Price: $119.96 On Sale! $108.00
All four Interactive Reading Cards in one set. Save money.
All 8 Interactive Reading Books
Contains: GP-01 TO 08
SKU: GP-00 Price: $175.60 On Sale! $164.00
Use all 8 of these Interactive Reading Books with your students for identifying, matching, labeling, sequencing, creating sentences, and learning to read. Save money by buying as a group.
All 4 New Interactive Reading Books
Contains: GP-09 GP-10 GP-11 GP-12
SKU: GP-102 Price: $87.80 On Sale! $79.99
Get all 4 of the New Interactive Reading Books. Utilizing the power of visual strategies, beginning readers learn to associate pictures with words. With these Interactive Reading Books, your students will move original, Velcro-backed drawings to match, identify, label, sequence, and create sentences while learning to read. Fun for children with or without special needs!
Whisper Phone - SOLO SKU: SIR-020 Price: $8.99
Provides auditory feedback for reading and articulation. Hands-free, lightweight, comfortable (adjustable) and easy to use. Small Whisper Phone is designed for K-Grade 4. Kids love to use them.