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Artic Master Jr. CH, SH, TH, ZH and J
Artic Master Jr. CH, SH, TH, ZH and J SKU: SR-AM-004 Price: $34.95

New!  Create high quality, inexpensive ch, sh, th, zh & j materials quickly and easily. With over 1,000 photos, 5 game templates and 5 flash card templates, you will be able to create many combinations of materials.

Features include:

* Spanish Translation

* 5 Activity Templates & 5 Flash Card Sizes

* Contains Over 1,000 Photos

* Search Engine Selects Words & Photos by Phoneme, Vowel, Position & Number of Syllables

* Create Pre-Post, Therapy and Homework Forms

* Scramble Function to Make Multiple Bingo Cards/Games

* Save & Retrieve Your Work

Runs on Windows.