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Speech Therapy Games


The products in this section were either developed or carefully selected by Say It Right to help SLPs treat language disorders.

The Entire World of R Game Boards SKU: GBR-050 Price: $34.99
Twenty-seven board games. One game for each of the 21 types of /r/, plus six carry-over games. Great for vocalic /r/ carry-over. Loads of fun vocalic /r/ practice.
The Entire World of Attributes SKU: EWA-001 Price: $34.99
Terrific resource for teaching and learing attributes. Comes with 16 cue cards and 2 games.
The Entire World of WH?
Questions Activity Set
SKU: EWWH-001 Price: $39.99
Teach basic WH questions and concepts (who, what, where and when) with this multi-modality teaching tool. Master WH questions!
What an Idiom SKU: SR-TPS-001 Price: $29.95
Learning the meaning of idioms have never been more fun. This game teached idioms and figurative language in an informative and entertaining manner.
CLWM-302-thumb.jpg Come Learn With Me
4 Book Set with manipulatives
SKU: CLWM-302 Price: $139.98
Interactive reading books for young children. Encourages hands-on learning. Includes 27 real manipulative objects.
The Entire World of Celebrations and Seasons
Sequence Cards
SKU: EWC-002 Price: $14.99 On Sale! $7.49
Teach sequencing and events going on around seasonal celebrations. 20 different holiday sequences are included (5 for each season) on extra rugged 3.5x 4cards. Each sequence includes 3 events depicted in a cute colored illustration. Place the events in sequential order to reveal details of each season.
duet-thumb.jpg Whisper Phone Duet SKU: SIR-022 Price: $15.99
For two students to talk, hear and learn together in pairs. Provides auditory feedback for reading and articulation. Batteries not required.
ABC-001-Thumb.jpg Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids SKU: ABC-001 Price: $29.99
ABC Yoga Cards for Kids. Learn with Yoga! Twenty six easy to follow yoga poses with companion pre-literacy and language development questions. Separate instructor cards makes teaches yoga easy and learning fun. Contains 52 Cards total.