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Celebrations and Seasons Set
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Teach holidays, seasons, and seasonal events with this money saving combination.

Includes these 3 products:

This multi-modality set will really help you teach your students major US holidays and the seasonal events that revolve around each season. 

The Activity Book includes 6 fun-filled worksheets for each holiday. 214 pages. All activities are tied to state curriculum standards so writing goals and staying on topic is a breeze. 

The Sequence Cards depict 20 different seasonal events and aid in teaching sequencing, expressive and receptive language skills, answering WH- questions, and memory strategies. 

The fun Select-a-Holiday Wheel will quickly engage your students. It shows in an interactive way, the changing seasons and order of holidays and month in which they occur

These activities are updated with the new day-light savings time change.  

Ages:  3+.

Save money buying this combination.