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The Entire World of Celebrations and Seasons
Sequence Cards
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Teach sequencing and/or holidays using events going on around seasonal celebrations.

20 different holiday sequences are included (5 for each season) on extra rugged 3.5” x 4” cards. Each sequence includes 3 events depicted in a cute colored illustration. Place the events in order to reveal details of each season. 60 cards in all. Comes in a sturdy box.

A variety of skills are targeted, including:

• Sequencing up to 3 elements

• Receptive and expressive vocabulary skills related to seasons, celebrations, and concepts of time

• Narrative skills (e.g., story telling and describing a sequence of events)

• Answer wh- questions

• Verb tenses: present tense, past tense, and present progressive (is + ing)

• Memory strategies for remembering details in a picture

• Reasoning skills (e.g., prediction of what might have happened before
and what could happen next)

Complements The Entire World of Celebrations and Seasons™ Activity Book and The Entire World of Celebrations and Seasons™ Select-a-Holiday Wheel.

Ages:  3+.