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The Entire World of R
Premium Pack
SKU: EWR-073 Price: $169.95


This is our most popular combination.

We goofed when we set the price, but it's been so popular we kept it. Save over $25 when you buy The Entire World of R™ Premium Pack!  

This package has everything you'll need to start and turbo-charge your /r/ therapy. You'll love the advanced treatment tips, the versatile playing cards, and how easy it is to screen and find an appropriate intervention target. The difficult /r/ phoneme just got easier with this resource for /r/ remediation!

This is our most popular and recommended combination. You get the Book of Elicitation Techniques which details everything you'll need to know about how to approach evaluating and treating the /r/ phoneme. You also get the Advanced Screening for R, which makes determining a starting intervention target and monitoring present level of performance a breeze. The Playing Cards allows for a myriad of treatment options to keep your child engaged.



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