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Language Disorders and Delays - Vocabulary

Language disorders and delays affect many children from early childhood through adolescence. Explore Say It Right’s fun and educational language-learning tools, games and software for teachers, SLPs and children of all ages.

Language Disorders and Delays - Vocabulary - Products:

The Entire World of WH?
Questions Activity Set
SKU: EWWH-001 Price: $59.99
Teach basic WH questions and concepts (who, what, where and when) with this multi-modality teaching tool. Master WH questions!
The Entire World of WH? Questions Flip Book SKU: EWWH-002 Price: $19.49
The popular flip book from the WH? Questions Activity Set. Contains 9 scenes with 4 panels for who, what, where and when objects. Change the story and contexts to teach WH- questions concepts. Over 700 sentence stories!
The Entire World of
Celebrations and Seasons
Activity Book (Digital Download)
SKU: EWC-001D Price: $24.99 On Sale! $19.99
Teach the changing holidays and seasonal events of the year with this full-filled activity book. Provides at least 6 different activities for each of the 24 major celebrations covered. Digital Download only.
BMS-001-thumb.jpg The Basic Manual For Speech & Language (Digital Download) SKU: BMS-001D Price: $39.99
The "all-in-one" resource for speech and language. This book is the single book any speech-language patholgist needs as a basic reference tool with easy-to-use worksheets for articulation (all sounds in initial medial and final word positions and minimal pairs) and language activities (synonyms, multiple meaning works, Wh- questions, sequencing and much more).
The Entire World of Celebrations and Seasons
Select-a-Holiday Wheel
SKU: EWC-003 Price: $19.99
Teach the order of holidays and seasonal events. Turn the wheel to reveal 24 different holidays, depicted by month and season. A fun-filled and motivating learning tool.
The Entire World of Attributes SKU: EWA-001 Price: $59.99
Terrific resource for teaching and learing attributes. Comes with 16 cue cards and 2 games.