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The Entire World of R - Evaluate and Screen

The first step to treating /r/ speech sound disorders is to Evaluate and Screen.

We also offer training videos on our products. For example this video is about about how to score our screening tools:

The purpose of the screening tools is to find a correct production or key word which helps determine placement of the tongue, lips and jaw.

Screening Products:

The Entire World of R
Advanced Screening Complete Kit
Contains EWR-037 -stimulus book and EWR-037R (record forms)
SKU: EWR-037 Price: $169.99
The Advanced Screening for /r/ is the most comprehensive and advanced screening for vocalic /r/, initial /r/ blends, prevocalic /r/ and medial and final /rl/ created to date. The instructional screening book provides instructions on administration of the screening, scoring sheets and stimulus items that are essential for conducting a comprehensive /r/ screening! This screening provides you with knowing exactly which of the 32 /r/ allophones -(vocalic, initial /r/ blends, prevocalic (initial) and /rl/) that your student can produce thus finding their student strengths and the "correctly produced" word for each /r/ allophone so that you can find the most complimentary /r/ target to practice. Includes forms for easy assessment of /r/ articulation disorders. Comes with pad of 30 (11x17") forms, student copies, results forms and Elicitation Probe for all consonantal-vocalic combinations.
single word screening ear training course Ear Training Course Utilizing the Single Word Screening Price: $99.99

This is an introductory ear training course for vocalic /r/ utilizing the Entire World of R single word Screening. The following /r/ sounds are screened in initial, medial and final word positions: /or/ "Orville", /ar/ "Archie", /ire/ 'Ireland", /ear/ "earphone", /air/ "airplane", /er/ "Ernie" prevocalic /r/ "red" and medial/final /rl/ as in "pearl". This course is designed to assist you in listening, watching and scoring the various /r/ productions. Learn to listen for the 9 vocalic /r/ allophones, prevocalic /r/ and medial and final /rl/. This course provides validation to your scoring by video examples of a student producing the various /r/ sounds and scored responses and feedback from Christine Ristuccia, the author of The Entire World of R product line and the opportunity to re-watch it from a new standpoint. This course is ideal for refining your listening skills and for new clinicians. This "stand alone" course is also included in the R Makeover Course. The Entire World of R Advanced Screening and Book of Elicitation Techniques can be purchased separately. The course offering is on a separate website. Please use this course link to access course: . .1 ASHA CEU's  Purchase Here

The Entire World of R Single Word Screening Form (Digital Download) SKU: SF-000D Price: $59.99
Download the original 21 word one-page screening form with picture cards to find your student's strengths. Quickly and easily evaluate all 21 types of /r/ (prevocalic /r/, 19 vocalic /r/'s and medial and final /rl/. Divided by individual /r/ phonemes in initial, medial,and final word positions. This screening tool is essential for your daily SLP toolbox. This is a Digital Download only. No cards are included with this order. Easy print from your computer. Cards are available to be emailed upon request.
christine-ristuccia Evaluation Support Package for /r/ SKU: ESP-001 Price: $199.99
Having trouble making progress with /r/? Don't know where to start? Looking for an expert opinion on treating /r/? Is vocalic /r/ giving you trouble? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Evaluation Support Package could be right for you. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the R Makeover Course. Current practicing SLP in the area of articulation disorders.
EWR-037R-thumb.jpg The Entire World of R
Advanced Screening Pad
(Record Replacement forms)
SKU: EWR-037R Price: $99.99 On Sale! $79.99

Replacement screening pad for The Entire World of R Advanced Screening. Pad of 30 11" x 17" double-sided forms. Includes all 32 types of r including vocalic r and r blends.

compre-r-screening-small.png Comprehensive R Screening (Digital Download) SKU: ST-004D Price: $87.99
This five page screening form is the ultimate /r/ screening in digital format. The goal is to assess 32 /r/ allophones until you find a correct production and to measure /r/ productions in single words, phrases, sentences, and structured conversation (reading stories). This product differs from the EWR Advanced Screening in the following] ways: No stimulus book, a digital download, contains medial and triple /r/ blend words. There are stories for prevocalic /r/, initial /r/ blends, medial /r/ blends, vocalic /r/ and a carryover story which contains all of the /r/ sounds mixed into one story.
The Entire World of R Combo Pack Includes EWR-030 EWR-035 EWR-037 and EWR-037R SKU: EWR-041 Price: $279.99
Get a vocalic /r/ combination package of the Book of Elicitation Techniques plus plenty of forms with the Advanced Screening. Great for determining where to start with treating vocalic /r/ articulation errors. Also include Instructional Workbook.
Entire World of R Advanced Screening Results Page (Digital Download) Price: $29.99
Conquest of R front cover - thumb.jpg The Conquest of R SKU: EWR-029 Price: $79.99
Will help you probe deeper into the student's lack of progress in correct production of /r/ after being in traditional /r/ intervention. Learn to pinpoint student's correct productions and facilitating contexts using the Entire World of R Elicitation Probe which included in the Entire World of R Advanced Screening.