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The Entire World of SH and CH (affricates) - Getting Started

Affricate disorders are becoming more common due to use of pacifiers and thumb sucking. The key to successful intervention of affricate sound disorders is screening.


We have 2 screening tools for affricates. The single word tool which assesses affricate sounds and the advanced =affricate screening tool which comes in downloadable format only. These screening tools help determine placement of the tongue, lips and jaw by finding a key word or successful production.


The second step is in training yourself in how to provide intervention to students who misproduce affricate sounds. The Entire World of /sh/ and /ch/ Instructional Workbook is a great tool for providing step by step elicitation techniques based upon the results of the screening. There are also homework worksheets to use in therapy and to send home for homework once the student is successful in therapy with the speech-language pathologist.


The third and final step is practice. Our The Entire World of /sh/ and /ch/ Instructional Workbook and The Entire World of Affricate Book of Stories are excellent tools for production practice and achieving carryover of the newly learned skill.