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Social Language/Autism

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder marked by three behavioral impairments including impaired social interaction,impaired communication, and restricted and repetitive interests and activities.

Browse through our carefully selection of products and solutions for autistic students on this page, designed to help them encourage and improve social interaction, communication, and diversify the interests and activities.

Social Language/Autism - Products:

Interactive Reading Book Library
Contains: GP-01 THRU 16
SKU: GP-104 Price: $351.20 On Sale! $299.99
The complete Interactive Reading Book Library helps your students identify, match, label, sequence, create sentences, and learn to read. Get the complete library of 16 books and save over $50!
The Entire World of Celebrations and Seasons
Select-a-Holiday Wheel
SKU: EWC-003 Price: $19.99
Teach the order of holidays and seasonal events. Turn the wheel to reveal 24 different holidays, depicted by month and season. A fun-filled and motivating learning tool.
SC-003-thumb.jpg DOT Therapy Reinforcers SKU: SC-003 Price: $34.99
DOT Therapy Reinforcers is a reproducible therapy resource that allows targeting of any therapy. Keeps students engaged in the activity through interactive play.
SC-004-thumb.jpg DOT Reading Comprehension SKU: SC-004 Price: $34.99
DOT Reading Comprehension contains reproducible interactive theme based game sheets written at three separate difficulty levels. Comprehension tasks require students to match, answer factual questions, give the main idea, retell, paraphrase, define, describe, rhyme, give antonyms/synonyms, categorize, make predictions, give opinions, evaluate, and more
Whisper Phone - SOLO SKU: SIR-020 Price: $8.99
Provides auditory feedback for reading and articulation. Hands-free, lightweight, comfortable (adjustable) and easy to use. Small Whisper Phone is designed for K-Grade 4. Kids love to use them.
EWA-003D-thumb.jpg The Entire World of Categories (Digitial Download) SKU: EWA-003D Price: $79.99
The Entire World of Categories: Aids in teaching the concept and cognitive process of categorizing and determining attributes. Digital Download.
ABC-Yoga-Instr-Guide-thumb.jpg Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids Instructor Guide SKU: ABC-003 Price: $20.89
The companion instructor guide to the Learn With Yoga: ABC Yoga Cards for Kids. Contains all you need to know to incorporate yogic techniques into your school, classroom, yoga room or home. No experience with yoga is necessary.