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Learn more about the wonderful benefits of yoga, learning and language development and visit our sister site Addriya.com for a variety of powerful, yet simple tools, to combine the calming and restorative aspects of yoga with the persuasive influence of kinetic (movement) learning.

Yoga, Learning and Language Tools - Train - Products:

ABC-001-Thumb.jpg Learn With Yoga ABC Yoga Cards for Kids SKU: ABC-001 Price: $59.99
ABC Yoga Cards for Kids. Learn with Yoga! Twenty six easy to follow yoga poses with companion pre-literacy and language development questions. Separate instructor cards makes teaches yoga easy and learning fun. Contains 52 Cards total.
Om Schooled JPEG image Om Schooled (Digital Download) SKU: OM-001D Price: $24.99
A true story from a veteran New York City Public Schools yoga instructor: In this book you will learn how to: • Prepare for instructing kids yoga class • Meet curriculum standards for yoga • Addresses religious issues associated with yoga • Prepare and teach awesome classes • Take care of yourself as a growing teacher.