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Welcome to The Entire World of S & Z! (Frontal and Lateral Lisp Disorders)

Treat frontal and lateral lisp articulation disorders with ease using our complete family of products.

The foundation for treating frontal and lateral lisps using The Entire World of S & Z approach is by administration of the Entire World of /s/ and /z/ Screening tool which evaluates 22 /s/ and /z/ sounds. We also have our New /s/ and /z/ Advanced Screening Tool which assess 198 /s/ and /z/ sounds. The goal for the screening are to find a key word or correct production.

Once a key word is discovered you can use corresponding section in The Entire World of /s/ and /z/ Instructional Workbook to train yourself and find useful elicitation techniques for the /s/ and /z/ sounds.

Finally, the phoneme /s/ is treated only in initial, medial, and final positions. However, jumping into the sounds without establishing proper placement and production is a recipe for frustration. Targeting in on the right sounds and using approximate production assists, such as /ts/ are the keys for rapid and effective therapy. /s/ and /z/ are relatively easy to remediate with a good strategy and appropriate materials that are concise and easy-to-use.

The Entire World of S and Z Instructional Workbook SKU: EWS-001 Price: $99.99
The complete reference for frontal and lateral lisps. Treat S, S blends, final S clusters and Z articulation disorders with ease. Loads of worksheets!