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This page is about how to work with self-contained students.

Working With Self Contained and Adaptive Students (Digital Download) SKU: WSC-033D Price: $45.99
Working in the school-based setting with students in self-contained classrooms can be a challenging task for speech-language pathologists (SLPs). This book: • Details a 10 step process that you can follow to successfully meet the challenges of conducting speech and language intervention sessions in a self-contained classroom • Helps you acquire the necessary knowledge and expertise you will need to implement the targeted intervention strategies and techniques for this setting • Contains concise and straightforward commentary that explains exactly what you need to know • Contains easy-to-locate answers, which makes it an ideal go-to reference
WorkingwithAdaptiveSettingInterventionTherapyToolsfrontcover.PNG Working in Adaptive Classrooms Intervention Therapy Tools (Digital Download) SKU: WSC-034D Price: $45.99
This book is the second portion of the first book Working with Self Contained (Adaptive) Students and will complete the 200 page book. This book is packed with therapy ideas, strategies, and cueing sheets to use in therapy for students in self-contained (adaptive) classroom settings. The worksheets are paired with both visual and verbal cueing strategies to use with students to facilitate receptive and expressive language skills, train teachers and parents how to encourage both the receptive and expressive language skills with the students. Total number of pages: 144