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The Entire World of Categories
The Entire World of Categories SKU: EWA-003 Price: $79.99

Teach students the cognitive process of categorization.

This book goes beyond simply teaching about categories, but more into the strategies to use when discussing and thinking about attributes, relationships between category members and how to apply the strategies to new learning situations. 

What is unique is that the program is an interactive, observational assessment approach which provides the SLP with valuable information about the type of remediation needed by the student. Mediation questions are provided at the end of each section to assess carry-over of the learned material. Efficient word learners do not just memorize word lists, but create learning rules to apply to a variety of cognitive process. Students that fall behind typically are learning one word at a time and have not processes adequate rules for learning.  This book addresses that process. 

Sections are organized from basic to more complex tasks.  There are four sections: Attributes and Categories, Single Attributes, Multiple Attributes and Categories, Subcategories and Hierarchies. Each activity includes a student worksheet and an instructor guide which includes the answers, modifications, and supplemental questions. Additionally, an instructor guide with suggestions and examples is provided.  The various skills addressed in the book are also aligned to curriculum standards for easy reference.     

The Entire World of Categories provides comprehensive, flexible resource materials for children through adults with language-learning and cognitive challenges, and for the professionals who work with them. Lesson pages in each section present tasks from basic to challenging. The four sections follow a developmental sequence from
preoperational to formal operational thinking:

• Attributes and Categories—ages 5 and up

• Single Attributes—ages 5 and up

• Multiple Attributes—ages 7 to adult

• Categories, Subcategories, and Hierarchies—ages 7 to adult

Discussion guides for each lesson page help professionals develop their skills in cognitive mediation. These mediational discussions promote:

• Individualizing instruction within a group

• Developing deficient cognitive functions
along with vocabulary

• Using strategies for efficient learning

•Bridging from the current task to new situations 

Learners of all ages may use these activities to develop language and thinking skills required in all areas of the curriculum and daily life, including:

• Understanding relationships

• Manipulating sets and subsets

• Thinking flexibly

• Using precise language

• Considering multiple sources of information

• Using logical evidence

• …and much more

The Entire World of Categories
can be used for students ages K-12 as a means of learning material in the curriculum due to the age-appropriate word lists which correspond to specific grade level vocabulary. Appropriate words can be chosen by the SLP to modify the activities as necessary.

A great addition to your library for students struggling with categorization and attribute identification.  238 pages.  

Includes Digital Download for easy printing of activities.