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The Entire World of R Game Boards SKU: GBR-050 Price: $34.99 |

Make /r/ Remediation fun with 27 colorful board games!† Each targets one of the the eight phonological variations of /r/ and word position (initial-medial-final-carry over). Each 11" x 17" laminated game board is printed front and back (2 games to a board) and comes with playing pieces, die, and instructions. Complements The Entire World of Rô Playing Card System.

Includes the following games:

/er/ Carry-Over/Directions

/er/ Initial & Final

/er/ Medial (Stressed & (Unstressed)

/or/ Initial & Medial††††††

/or/ Final & Carry-Over

/ar/ Initial & Medial†† †††††††††††

/ar/ Final & Carry-Over

/ire/ Initial & Medial

/ire/ Final & Carry-Over

/ear/ Initial & Medial

/ear/ Final & Carry-Over††††††††††††††††

/air/ Initial & Medial

/air/ Final & Carry-Over

Prevocalic /r/ & /rl/