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The Entire World of R Screening Kit SKU: EWR-001 Price: $19.99 |

The Entire World of R Screening Kit enables you to quickly and easily evaluate your students for all 21 vocalic variations of the /r/ phoneme.

The kit comes with a pad of 20 screening forms and 21 stimulus cards for all phonemic variations and word positions of vocalic /r/. Each stimulus card contains one word and representative picture. The kit comes with a handy carry bag with handle.

The Entire World of R Screening Kit makes establishing a remediation baseline and setting goals easy. Many Speech-Language Pathologists have commented on what a great tool the screening form is for communicating with students, teachers and parents. On one page you'll have all 21 different vocalic /r/'s represented--clearly and concisely depicting the complexity and diversity of treating the /r/ phoneme.

Goal setting is more much more specific and detailed, since you will know exactly which of the 21 different vocalic /r/'s--by phoneme and word position--is the remediation goal.   

To use The Entire World of R Screening Kit, you'll just need to cycle through all 21 stimulus cards (airplane, fairy, fair, army, barn, etc.)  Show the stimulus card to the student and instruct him/her to say the word aloud. Each picture is clearly represented by a picture, so these are perfect for the non-reader.  Simply mark on the screening form if the production is correct/incorrect (+/-). Follow-up words are provided on the form to model if a production is indeterminate for a specific allophone.