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All 4 Interactive Communication Cards
Contains: GP-21 GP-22 GP-23 GP-24
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INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION CARDS have been designed by special educators to enable and enhance communication opportunities for persons with communication difficulties, delays and/or disabilities. The pictures can be cut out, attached with Velcro and placed in communication books. The pictures can also be used in AAC devices or kept as full pages for making choices.

Get all four Sets: Home & Health; Food; Recreation/Leisure & Community; Sensory & Social.  Save 10%!

All sets contain 120 original, high-quality, full-color, illustrations printed on heavy, laminated card stock with words printed on the front and back to encourage literacy. Each packaged set includes a page of common comments (yes, no, choice, thank you, no thank you, please, more, all done, help, I want, I don't want, and I don't know) and 4 sentence strips that apply to the vocabulary of a set. Each set also contains 120 hook Velcro coins for attaching to the back of each picture card and 4 loop Velcro coins for the sentence strips.


1. Have a person identify or furnish an INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION CARD to request his wants or needs.

2. Use INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION CARDS to express feelings or to make choices.

3. Use INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION CARDS to ask or answer questions or to create sentences.

4. Use INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION CARDS for identifying or labeling pictures.

5. Use INTERACTIVE COMMUNICATION CARDS for sequencing activities to create schedules and smooth transitions.

6. More suggested activities geared specifically to each set can be found below when you click on the icon of each set.