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Do you have a student who just can't get initial placement of structures for sound approximation?

Your students will love the format of a zoo adventure. 

This work is all about a zoo visit with each student having a different set of animals to visit based on their sound errors. Each animal presents oral movements showing correct placement with structures to address highlighted in red. Numerous worksheets for each sound includes:

     1.) a game board for sound production,
     2.) word lists, with zoo specific words,
    3.) game cards for matching and sound approximation,
     4.) sentences with and without cueing, and
5.) lots of ideas for continued practice.

Maybe you're addressing an oral-motor related issue. The OM Zoo has an in-depth oral-peripheral examination that identifies specific muscles that may need to be addressed, based on results from formal and informal assessment results. It then identifies animals to visit that may help with specific muscle movements for phonetic placement.

Enjoy your visit to the OM Zoo!

*Includes CD-ROM with printable color activities for your personal client/student use.