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R Makeover course Christine Picture R Makeover Course Price: $160.00 On Sale! $99.99
Frustrated with treating /r/ disorders? I've spent 16 years speaking about /r/ disorders and have asked hundreds of therapists what issues are the most frustrating while working with students with /r/ issues. This course offers a new and refreshing approach to treat the most difficult of sounds based on the answers the speech pathologists have given me. Backed with extensive research and field testing, a complete phonemic approach to evaluating and treating /r/ is presented based on the 32 different types of /r/. The course will be worth .55 CEU's. Purchase of this course does not include products. Products can be purchased separately. No other offer or coupon applies to this purchase. This link will take you to the purchase area for this course. PURCHASE HERE
single word screening ear training course Ear Training Course Utilizing the Single Word Screening Price: $29.99

This is an introductory ear training course is designed to assist you in listening, watching and scoring the various /r/ productions. Learn to listen for the 9 vocalic /r/ allophones, prevocalic /r/ and medial and final /rl/. This course provides validation to your scoring by video examples of a student producing the various /r/ sounds and scored responses and feedback from Christine Ristuccia and the opportunity to re-watch it from a new standpoint. This course is ideal for refining your listening skills and for new clinicians. This "stand alone" course is also included in the R Makeover Course. No products are included in this course. . .1 CEU PURCHASE HERE

Christine Picture.chronic r course Chronic R Course Price: $29.99

This "stand alone" course specifically focuses on chronic /r/ students who have been in speech therapy for /r/ intervention for a year or more. There is a ten step process that is used to navigate these students in a new therapeutic direction. The Chronic /r/ Course is also included in the R Makeover Course.. These ten steps will be given in detail in this course. The Chronic /r/ Course is also included in the R Makeover Course. There are no products included in the course.