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The Entire World of S&Z Starter Set
Contains: EWS-001 EWS-003 EWS-006
SKU: EWS-010 Price: $82.49

Combination of The Entire World of S and Z Flip Book (SKU: EWS-006), The Entire World of S and Z Instructional Workbook (SKU: EWS-001) and The Entire World of S and Z Screening Kit (SKU: EWS-003). Screen, Train and Practice, all in one!

The Entire World of S and Z Flip Book

Treat frontal and lateral lisps with this fun, easy to use flip book from the Flip Then Say Articulation Series.

Each of the 41 pages has 3 movable panels. You can create over 68,000 possible sentence stories! Includes all positions of S, Z, and final /ts/.

Great for phonemic awareness as well as vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, and WH- questions. Ages: 5+.

The Entire World of S and Z Screening Kit

The Entire World of S & Z Screening Kit will enable you to easily evaluate your students for frontal and lateral lisp disorders.

The kit comes with a pad of 20 screening forms and 22 stimulus cards for all variations of /s/ and /z/ (including initial /s/ blends and final /s/ clusters). Comes with a handy carry bag with handle.

The Entire World of S & Z Screening Kit makes establishing a remediation baseline and goal setting easy. Also a great tool for communicating with students, teachers, and parents.

The Entire World of S and Z Instructional Workbook

The Entire World of S & ZÔ Instructional Workbook, by Christine and Jim Ristuccia, combines the best tips, techniques and proven therapeutic exercises for /s/ and /z/ into one handy reference book. 

The Entire World of S & ZÔ strategy is to evaluate and initially treat frontal and lateral /s/ disorders by using target phonemes that are in the approximate phonemic production zone. The foundation of The Entire World of S  & ZÔ strategy is the “exploded /t/” or the /ts/. Often the hardest part of lisp remediation is getting the student to say a correct /s/. The /ts/ provides a springboard for correct production. Ample techniques, worksheets, stories and activities are included for /ts/ practice. 

What’s truly unique about this workbook is the comprehensive nature of the material provided. Other chapters of the 200+ page book include; Alveolar Target Exercises (/ls/ & /ns/ activities); Initial, Medial and Final /s/; Initial /s/ Blends (/sm/, /sl/, etc.); Final /s/ Clusters (/sts/, /sk/, etc.), and; Initial, Medial and Final /z/ along with /lz/, /nz/, /dz/ worksheets. The /z/ phoneme exercises are included to treat devoicing which may occur during excessive /s/ therapy practice.    

Based on the popular The Entire World of RÔ format, the first part of the book is a wealth of easy to use information for the clinician. Included are topics on the voiced consonant rule, tips to elicit /s/ and /z/, screening form, evaluation and treatment strategies, as well as step-by-step case studies with detailed remediation steps.  

The workbook is designed for speech-language therapists who work with articulation disorders. The material is appropriate for classroom therapy and has reproducible worksheets for homework practice.  

Download and print capability is included for fast access and printing of the activities.

Ages 3+.  206 Pages.