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The Birthday Party CD SKU: SSB-001 Price: $79.99

The Birthday Party CD-ROM is centered around the social interaction and language associated with a real life birthday party. It addresses the different emotions, space, volume and language that are appropriate for both the host and guests during a special birthday event. The child is first familiarized with the appropriate vocabulary and responses, then asked to implement them in 10 different birthday party scenarios. The program is separated into four levels in order to best match the child's level of function. It offers rewarding and challenging activities.

The child and caregiver can chart their progress over time in order to follow and document gains made. This program is appropriate for children with the cognitive ages of 4-8 years old.

For a Product Demo of The Birthday Party, Click Here.  

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me operating system
200 MHz or higher
300 Megabytes of available Hard Drive Space
4x CD-ROM drive
16 bit color monitor
800/600 Resolution or better Video card compatibility

Sorry, but this is not currently available in Mac