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The Frog Who Could Not Croak SKU: SIR-015 Price: $18.95
The Frog Who Could Not Croak is an excellent practice for auditory discrimination as well as the phonemic awareness and language concepts. As each animal comes to the bog and says "Good morning" to the frog on the log, he says nothing. All he can do is hold a sign that says, "I am a frog and I cannot croak. I do not know why I cannot croak."

Finally, the speech teacher comes along and checks out his problem. She makes a suggestion to him and he is finally able to croak.

This book provides intensive auditory discrimination for the /r/ sound in many contexts. It also shows a bit of humor in how speech pathologists come up with different ways of teaching the students the difficult lingual placement for the /r/ production. As in all books in the series the repetition is a key learning technique.