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My School Day CD SKU: SSB-002 Price: $89.99

My School Day is the latest CD-ROM edition of the Social Skill Builder series of quality learning materials. This computer program uses real life video to take the child into a typical school day, including the classroom, cafeteria, and playground! This program allows the child to view appropriate interaction and social behaviors within the school environment and interact! The child is asked to identify, produce and explain several social situations in response to real life video embedded in interactive software.

Educators, parents and therapists can work with children using the program to target peer relationships, rules and rituals of the classroom, appropriate play at recess and appropriate lunchtime behavior. This program is an ideal tool to focus on conduct and activities at school! Appropriate for children with the cognitive age of 6-15 years old.

For a Product Demo of My School Day, Click Here.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/Me operating system
200 MHz or higher
600 Megabytes of available Hard Drive Space
4x CD-ROM drive
16 bit color monitor
800/600 Resolution or better Video card compatibility

Window and Mac compatible!