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Onionhead Activity Kit
(for Ages 2-10)
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Onionhead products are designed to help people find their feelings, face their feelings and make friends with their feelings - even the stinky ones! Onionhead wants to help teach emotional intelligence to everyone. We should all have the ability to identify and appropriately express our feelings. Used by parents, counselors, teachers, adults and kids. Onionhead is fun and simple to use, requiring no special training. Remember – “all feelings are OK – its what you do with them that counts”

A 24 page booklet with 8 suggested activities that make it fun and easy to learn about feelings. Children learn to identify feelings, communicate effectively, resolve conflict peacefully and develop awareness and self-esteem. The Onionhead Activity Kit for children ages 2-10 includes: 

  •  24 page Booklet with 8 Activities
  •  Deck of 36 Onionhead Feelings Cards
  •  6 Onionhead gameboards 

Printed on tree free paper. Packaged in hand sewn bag.

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