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Evaluation Support Package for /r/ SKU: ESP-001 Price: $149.99 |


Get direct support for evaluating and treating /r/--both consonantal and vocalic /r/ -- from the expert! 

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Christine Ristuccia, the creator of The Entire World of R now offers expert support for evaluating and treating the difficult /r/ phoneme. 


Includes: · Intervention target recommendation (Where to start /r/ treatment!)
  · Unlimited e-mail support for 30 days
  · 30 minutes of phone support from Christine Ristuccia  
  · The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques  
  · The Entire World of R™ Advanced Screening  


The customer will conduct screening using The Entire World of RAdvanced Screening and send an audio file (.wav), audio tape, videotape, or DVD of one student taking The Entire World of RAdvanced Screening. This is limited to target selection of one student only and support to implement therapy for that student. A completed “Choosing a Target Checklist” and detailed case history is also required for successful target selection.


Say It Right will:


Provide intervention target sound options to the customer based on the protocol found in The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques.


Provide written goals and objectives (Note: Our format may not be in accordance with your school districts IEP/goal format).


Provide sample practice probe words appropriate for the selected target.


Provide suggested therapy materials to obtain success for the selected target.


Provide unlimited e-mail support for 30 days


Provide 30 minutes of phone support.  

This plan is beneficial for:


Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) with limited experience working with /r/ articulation disordered children. This is especially useful for those SLPs just starting out or who have recently changed disciplines. 


Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) encountering difficulty in making progress successfully treating /r/ articulation disorders, especially with the difficult vocalic /r/ or r-controlled vowels. 


Parents that desire more information on treating “r” sound problems for their children.


English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) instructors needing precise instruction on correcting /r/ production difficulties in their students.



    Note: Read the disclaimer below prior to purchase. Upon purchase of this Evaluation Support Package, you will be sent product materials (listed above), contract, check list, and contact information. A completed contract, checklist, evaluation form, and audio or video information must be returned to Say It Right to provide evaluation service. Prior to rendering service you may return the materials for a full refund. Once service is rendered refunds will not be provided. 


Disclaimer: This support package is not a guarantee of successful treatment for /r/ articulation disorders. Say It Right will only provide services to make recommended intervention target selection based on the information provided by the customer. Say It Right’s responsibility is limited to the items listed above and in the written support contact. No verbal modifications or guarantees of any kind will be accepted or implied. Only an experienced speech-language pathologist actually working with a student can ensure successful treatment and correction of any difficulties.