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Weave a Sound Word Web
Weave a Sound Word Web SKU: EDS-021 Price: $43.99

Weave a Sound Word Web™ is an ideal practice resource for articulation stabilization, articulation carryover, and language remediation practice.

The 66 word web puzzles, one for each specific sound and blend, are fun and motivating. Your students will love them!

Not just a practice book, there are also 44 pages packed with suggestions, activities and reproducible teaching aids for instructors to augment, modify and expand upon the word web practice activities.



  • Articulation stabilization and carryover practice

  • Learning about compound words, prefixes and suffixes

  • Sentence formation training and defining words

  • Syllabication

  • Blending and segmenting sounds

For a sample puzzle for the "G" sound, click here

For a sample puzzle for the "R" sound and sample instructions, click here

"Download and print" capability included for fast and easy printing for all your students. 

Designed for older elementary-aged, middle school and high school students.  Your kids will love the fun and challenging articulation word web puzzles. For ages 8 and up. 127 pages.


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