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The Entire World of R Advanced and Single Word Screening Complete Kit Contains EWR-037 -Stimulus Book and EWR-037R (record forms) Plus EWR Single Word Screening Pad with Cards!
The Entire World of R
Advanced and Single Word Screening Complete Kit
Contains EWR-037 -Stimulus Book and EWR-037R (record forms) Plus EWR Single Word Screening Pad with Cards!
SKU: EWR-037 Combo Price: $239.00

This is the most complete screening resource for /r/ ever created!

Evaluating /r/ has never been easier. 

This detailed assessment for /r/ contains two great resources: The Entire World of R™ Advanced Screening and The Entire World of R™ Elicitation Probe. Together these resources take most of the guess work out of determining /r/ articulation disorders. The goal is finding 5 or more correct productions. There is a second portion of the Advanced Screening, the Elicitation Probe which consists ofThe facilitating context or nonsense words if you are unable to find 5 or more correct productions of the Advanced Screening. Allows for easy determination of appropriate intervention targets as well as tracking present level of performance. An essential resource for any evidence-based practice. Includes:

• Pad of 30 Advanced Screening Forms -- Each form is in a large 11 x17" double-sided format for or easy reading and recording.  Score all 21 types of vocalic /r/ and 11 blends. 

• Comprehensive Elicitation Probe for all combinations of consonantal and vocalic /r/ -- In-depth assessment of each possible vocalic-consonantal and consonantal-vocalic combination.  Ten copies of pull out forms are included.

• Student copies -- Easily administer both the Advanced Screening and Elicitation Probe with clear, easily readable copies.  

• Lots and lots of pull out forms -- including results forms for you to record data and develop trends that show improvement.

Complements the protocols of The Entire World of R™ Book of Elicitation Techniques.

Determine exactly which of 32 /r/'s your students can and cannot say.  Notably, by evaluating each unique /r/ allophone in at least 9 different contexts of single words, phrases and sentences, you will be able to establish a specific percentage of correctness.  This objective data will greatly assist you in determining appropriate intervention targets, show progress made, and determining the students present level of performance.  

Comes with pad of 30 forms and 188 page book with pull-out forms.  

What people are saying about the Advanced Screening: 

"I have been meaning to send you a note and tell you how valuable your programs have become to me and my co-worker. I had been using the 'r' program with one child, but after seeing the advanced screening, I bought it and gave it to him. I had bought the package so I also got the handbook that goes along with the test. What an eye opener. I had been so frustrated because here he is in fifth grade and I felt that we had made no progress. After giving him the screening, we both were amazed. I gave it to several of my other difficult "r" students and had the same results. I also read every page of the accompanying handbook and so many of my thoughts about "r" were right there. I also learned so much more. I am also using the "S & Z" program and the "SH & CH" program and feel the same way. I have used SATPAC for several years now and its concept is very similar but doesn't delve as far." --Marlene Zapp, SLP