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R Program for Older Kids (3rd Grade to Adult) Contains: EWR-002-1 EWR-002-2 EWR-055 EWR-034 EWR-038  EWR-301
R Program for Older Kids (3rd Grade to Adult)
Contains: EWR-002-1 EWR-002-2 EWR-055 EWR-034 EWR-038 EWR-301
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Combination of R Trivia Book 1 and 2, The Entire World of R Idioms and the Entire World of R Probe lists - A great combination for older kids to adult!

The Entire World of R Book of Words, Phrases and Sentences

This book been developed to help the student develop mastery of the /r/ variations while learning basic, everyday trivia. There are game cards, matching, fill in the blank, crossword puzzles and true/false to make learning fun for the student. At the end of each section are the answers for each activity.


The material used in these books was chosen as a way to interest students by focusing on non-fiction bits of trivia that are somewhat sophisticated. It is hoped that the student will find the information of interest as he/she simultaneously strengthens his command of the defective /r/ sound. Appropriate for 3rd grade and above. Also beneficial for middle and high school articulation practice.


The combination practice book is the real McCoy! It includes over 200 idioms, each with a different /r/ sound. As part of The Entire World of R™ program, it includes sections for all the different types of vocalic /r/ (AR, AIR, EAR, ER, IRE, OR), prevocalic /r/, /rl, /r/ blends and mixed /r/. As appropriate sections are divided by initial, medial and final word position for targeted /r/ practice.


The Big Book of R Carry-Over Stories focuses on reading, structured conversation and conversational speech level activities for all 8 variations of the /r/ phoneme for all three word positions--initial, medial, and final. This book is based on the 8 variations of /r/, the basic foundation for the /r/ phoneme. It is the companion to The Entire World of R™ Book of Stories.


Create your own probe word lists and worksheets for vocalic /r/ using The Entire World of R™ methodology.

The book is divided phonetically into the different variations of vocalic /r/ ([ar], [air], [ear], [er], [ire], [or]). Each allophone is divided by sound and word position (i.e. [ar] initial, [ar] medial, [ar] final, [ear] initial, etc.)