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This CD was developed to allow the child to practice communication skills in a fun and effective way through music.

Music in My Mouth is a CD of 26 original songs, accompanied by a manual, which includes movement suggestions, associated activities and books, and ideas for partnering with parents. Songs address aspects of sound production, language development, fluency, social skills, food aversion and the important behaviors of self-control and mastery motivation.

Click here for a sample track: Licking Lollipops

Music in My Mouth is an essential tool for bringing out the joy in communication skills development. This product is designed to be used by speech-language pathologists, early childhood educators and families to teach and practice a variety of skills related to the development of communication skills. These songs can be used in individual or group speech-language therapy, in the classroom or childcare setting, at home or in the car. The manual provides speech-language pathologists, educators and families with tips on integrating the songs with other activities and children's literature. These songs give children the concepts, behaviors and self-talk that support the development of speech, language and social interaction skills.

Click here for a sample track: "Down on the Farm" 

Music In My Mouth uses songs and music to:

 * Help kids develop communication skills

 * Reduce food aversion for children with feeding disorders

 * Improve specific communication skills

 * Build essential social skills

 * Aid in individual and group therapy

 * Make practice fun

Click here for a sample track: "Self Control"