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The Entire World of WH? Questions Activity Set
The Entire World of WH?
Questions Activity Set
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Teach your students WH- concepts and appropriately answer WH- questions with our fun, interactive activity set!
Your students will love the fun-to-use flip book and games. You’ll love the easy to use format and wealth of therapy ideas.

Designed for introducing students to the most basic concepts of "WH-" questions. So what’s unique about The Entire World of WH? Questions™? The emphasis is on the fundamental building blocks of WH question development through multiple modality learning. The specific focus is on the four core WH- questions--who, what, where, and when. Many options for repetitive reinforcement of WH-concepts. This activity set provides a wealth of remediation activities that will develop confidence and success for your students. Appropriate for all students preschool and up.

  • Activity book. Loaded with activities ideas, stories and reproducible WH- cue sheets and WH- category characters. (44 pages.)

  • Change-a-Story Flip Book. Make literally hundreds of different sentence story combinations by flipping tabs for who, what, where and when concept pictures.

  • WH- Visual Cue Cards. 4 different cue cards focus on different stages of WH- concept awareness. Prompts students. Each is laminated double–sided. (8 ½" x11") Comes with 4 sets of each, so 4 students can participate at a time.

  • Two Interactive Game Boards. Loaded with WH- questions. Comes with playing pieces and die. Laminated, double-sided (11"x 17").

Appropriate for all general education pre-school children through first grade and any post-K children exhibiting delay in understanding WH concepts.