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Artic Attack and Other S & Z Games (Digital Download)
Artic Attack and Other S & Z Games (Digital Download) SKU: EWS-015D Price: $99.99

Get ready to combat frontal and lateral lisps with Artic Attack for S & Z!

Motivating activities for to address frontal and lateral lisp articulation errors. Follows The Entire World of S & Z™ methodology. Includes exploded "T" (/ts/ final) and initial, medial and final word positions for /s/ and /z/ and /s/ blends.

Each section includes five simple, yet motivating paper and pencil games your students will love. Includes: 

    - Two versions of Tic-Tac-Toe for non-readers (with pictures) and readers (words).

    - Stop-Gate

    - Sink-a-Ship

    - Triangles

Perfect for treatment or home activities. Artic Attack offers games sheets that can be used again and again with endless variations.

Convenient "download and print" capability included for easy printing of all activities. 

192 pages. Ages 4 and up. 



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