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Bringing S & Z Home (Digital Download)
Bringing S & Z Home (Digital Download) SKU: EWS-011D Price: $79.99

This is a digital download only.*   

Tired of making progress with frontal and lateral lisp disorders (S & Z sounds) only to see gains evaporate over school breaks? 

Bringing S & Z Home is perfect for providing in class exercises, but is especially appropriate for school breaks and homework. Includes exercises on:

  • T and "TS"

  • Initial, medial and final /s/

  • Initial and final /s/ blends (such as /sl, sn, sn, sks, sps/ combinations)

  • S Carryover

  • Initial, medial and final /z/

  • Z Carryover

Also included are three different progress charts, a letter to the parents, and a section of at-home activities with bonus worksheets.

Save time with over 175 pages of exercises, worksheets and homework activities. Packed with lots of practice words. Activities are categorized for both younger and older children. Complements The Entire World of S & Z Instructional Workbook. Ages 5+.

Created by a practicing speech-language pathologist with over 30 year experience working with school aged children.  

This download is a 5 MB file in PDF format. It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to access.  A free copy of Adobe Acrobat can be found by clicking on the icon.

*If you want the hardcopy version of the book, which includes a digital download, click here.