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DOT Articulation Workbook
DOT Articulation Workbook SKU: SC-011 Price: $34.99


Each student gets a game sheet targeting his/her sound and paint marker (bingo-type marker). Students follow the directions, dotting each dot as she practices the target sound. o you have everything you need to keep therapy sessions fun and exciting.

288 pages. Ages 3 to 12.

  • Reproducible worksheets targeting 19 frequently misarticulated sounds (P, B, T, D, K, G, M, N, S, Z, SH, CH, J, TH,R, L) in all word positions, plus S-clusters, R-clusters, and L-clusters in the initial word position.
  • Students choose from four (4) different types of activities for each sound in each word position so that are plenty of game sheets to choose from.
  • Four scented, washable, non-toxic, long-lasting paint markers/ink daubers in a handy plastic carrying case. Sold separately.