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The Entire World of S and Z Book of Stories
The Entire World of
S and Z Book of Stories
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The Entire World of S & ZÔ Book of Stories, a new book by Sheila McGovern, offers an advanced level articulation tool for dealing with the tricky /s/ and /z/ phonemes. 

This book focuses on reading, structured conversation and conversational speech level activities whereas, the previously released and complementary The Entire World of S & ZÔ Instructional Workbook focuses on more basic articulation practice ranging from elicitation to sentence level activities.

The 148-page book is comprised of 58 phonologically pure /s/ and /z/ stories. Each chapter focuses on a distinct word position (Initial, Medial, Final and Mixed /s/ stories, and Initial, Medial, Final and Mixed /z/ stories).  Each story is accompanied by a colorable illustration.

The unique aspect of this tool is that only the target /s/ or /z/ phoneme(s) appears in each story. No other respective /s/ or /z/ words are present to confuse and frustrate your students. Each story has an average of 8 target words that are highlighted for easy reference. Comprehension questions are included with every story, which makes them ideal for children with language disorders.

The workbook is designed for speech-language therapists that work with articulation disorders.  It is also appropriate for comprehension and language therapy. Reading level is at the second grade and above. Worksheets are reproducible for homework practice.