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The Entire World of Early Developing Sounds Instructional Workbook
The Entire World of Early Developing Sounds Instructional Workbook SKU: EDS-010 Price: $99.99

The latest in "The Entire World of™...." articulation series.

All the early developing sounds in one volume! Twelve sounds in all [k/g, t/d, f/v, p/b, w/h, and m/n].

Loaded with easy to find and use activities that your kids will love. 

Each section targets a different sound cognate (i.e. k/g) and includes: 

  • Reproducible screening forms: single sheet for each cognate sound for all word positions. 

  • Visual reference pictures:  for visual reference of mouth, jaw and tongue position. 

  • Sound teaching tools: Tips to help teach the sound. 

  • Word lists: With separate practice lists for single words, phrases and sentences.
  • Sound book reference lists: handy cross-reference by target sounds and ages.  

  • Activities pages: Includes craft-type of activities and games with reproducible templates for initial and final word sounds, step-by-step instructions, snack ideas, craft suggestions, motor and movement therapy, song, and finger-plays are all included.  

  • Picture cards: Contains 12 target words and pictures for each sounds in large 3.25x 3.5 cutout picture cards. 
  • Homework pages: to send home for target sound reinforcement  

All the activities and homework pages are designed for younger students with larger colorable pictures. 

Over 200 pages. Ages 3 and up.